• All About Bag Filter Water Treatment |What are bag water filters, applications of bag filtration systems, and more

    Bag filtration is a versatile and cost-effective way of filtering high volumes of water with high flow rates. Bag water filters are ideal for industrial applications, brewing, prefiltering, and more.They’re great for reducing the amount of silt, sand, dirt and other types of sediment in your wate...
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    Bag filters can be used for your treatment of industrial process water, wastewater, groundwater, and cooling water, and many more industrial processes. In general, bag filters are used when solid material needs to be removed from liquids. To begin with, bag filters are put inside of bag filter ho...
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  • What is a bag filter?

    A bag filter vessel is a piece of equipment used in liquid filtration systems to remove solid particles and impurities from the liquid stream. It consists of a cylindrical vessel or housing that contains one or more filter bags made of various materials such as felt, mesh, or paper. They are cost...
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  • Application and characteristics of duplex filter

    Duplex filter is also called duplex switching filter. It is made of two stainless steel filters in parallel. It has many advantages, such as novel and reasonable structure, good sealing performance, strong circulation capacity, simple operation, etc. it is a multi-purpose filter equipment with wi...
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  • Automatic self cleaning filter advocates green peace

    When it comes to green, most people think of clear themes such as nature and environmental protection. Green has the meaning of life in Chinese culture, and also symbolizes the balance of ecological environment. However, with the continuous development of industry, green is declining at a high sp...
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  • Difference between surface filtration and deep filtration

    Screen material is mainly used for surface filtration and felt material is used for deep filtration. The differences are as follows: 1. The screen material (nylon monofilament, metal monofilament) directly intercepts the impurities in the filtration on the surface of the material. The advantages ...
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  • How to choose the right filter for you?

    Absolute accuracy refers to 100% filtration of particles with marked accuracy. For any kind of filter, this is almost an impossible and impractical standard, because 100% is impossible to achieve. Filtration mechanism The liquid flows from the inside of the filter bag to the outside of the bag, a...
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